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Fenyx combines sustainability with maximum service quality

At Fenyx, we make it possible to equip offices sustainably by making the purchase and sale of used office furniture as easy, affordable and reliable as possible.

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Up to 90% higher sales proceeds

Based on our network of 125+ used furniture and electronics retailers, we ensure you the best prices for all your furniture.

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Processing from a single source

From purchase to transport to storage — benefit from our comprehensive service and save time and effort.

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Offer within 48 hours

Free consultation on optimal disposal and clearance planning, and a tailored offer within 48 hours.

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A sustainable promise

Through our partners, we can sustainably dispose of all furniture. We are happy to provide you with an overview of the CO2 savings.

Calculate your CO2 savings with just two clicks!

Discover how much CO2 emissions you can save with Fenyx. Select your options and adjust the number of workstations to calculate your savings.

Our emission and equivalent data come from a comprehensive study by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), which analyzed the CO2 balance of various furniture types, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Learn more about our sustainability commitment here or request a quote.

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Our services

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Purchase of office equipment

We buy your entire inventory of furniture and electronics at top prices and ensure a smooth collection.

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Do you need temporary storage for your furniture? Take advantage of our Germany-wide storage and cleaning service.

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Are you planning a change of location? We take care of the safe transportation of your furniture from one location to another.

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Disposal and donations

We dispose of your office equipment in an environmentally friendly manner and offer the opportunity to donate the equipment effectively.

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employee sales

Do you want to give your employees the opportunity to purchase used office furniture? We organize the employee sale for you.

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painting and HANDYMAN Services

Professional painting and handyman services for a worry-free office move-out and smooth handover.

Schedule a Free Inventory Assessment

Our team visits you nationwide to conduct a free inventory assessment of your office equipment. We create a detailed list of all items and assist you in planning your individual project. With our inventory assessment, you gain a comprehensive overview and can start the process together with us.

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What our customers say

Find out what our customers say, who have sold their used office furniture quickly and reliably at the best price with Fenyx.

All references

"The professional and comprehensive handling by Fenyx impressed us. Despite the challenges and additional renovation work, everything was completed smoothly and on time. A big thank you to the Fenyx team for their excellent work."

Peter Bokelmann (Executive Assistant)
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"Thank you very much for the easy collaboration and implementation. The quick and straightforward handling not only saved us time and money but also resulted in a thoroughly successful project!"

Maximilian Sachse (Executive Assistant)
Learn more

"We were under immense time pressure and everything had to move quickly. Fenyx guided us optimally through the process and helped us clear the floor smoothly and on time."

Charlotte von Truchseß (HR Management)
Learn more

"The professionalism and adaptability of Fenyx impressed us. They not only exceeded our expectations in clearing the area but also saved a remarkable number of furniture items for further use."

Stephan Karsch (Procurator)
Learn more

"Although we had already closed the location and had no employees on-site, Fenyx professionally managed the entire inventory, clearance, and broom-clean handover. An impressive performance under these circumstances."

Gislena Vargas (Office Management)
Learn more

"Fenyx not only secured optimal purchase prices for our office equipment but also enabled the complete acquisition of the inventory. Particularly impressive were the sustainable CO2 savings achieved through the reuse of the furniture."

Julia Mehr (Marketing Management)
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That's how it works

1. Free Inventory Assessment

Our team will visit you on site to carry out a free inventory assessment of your office equipment.

2. Joint planning

Together, we plan the details of your project and find the best solutions for your individual project.

3. Issuance of offer

Thanks to our extensive partner and dealer network, we will put together the best offer for you.

4. Disassembly, collection, etc.

Our local team ensures smooth implementation and flexibility in the event of short-term changes.

5. Billing and Reporting

We ensure transparent billing and provide you with detailed reporting on the entire process.

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